About BAT

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What is BAT? BAT empowers animals to live with confidence and joy among humans.

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) is a training method for dogs who experience fear, frustration, and aggressionBAT was developed by Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA, who began sharing BAT with the world in 2009, with continuous updates and some excellent new material for 2014.

BAT is a living method that evolves as new research and its positive practical applications are explored, developed and verified. The core of BAT is that it is a dog-friendly application of desensitization with a giant dose of empowerment to the dog. Giving dogs a high degree of control over what happens to them is important for humane care and is what sets BAT apart from other training techniques.

By setting up situations in which dogs can safely explore the environment and investigate other dogs, people, etc., BAT helps dogs learn to control their own comfort level through peaceful means.

Read through the Woofs! section if you’d like to know others’ experiences with BAT.

The best way to do BAT is to work with a Certified BAT Instructor, or CBATI. Click here to learn why or click here to find a CBATI.

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