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[Note: These materials are from the previous version of BAT. They still have useful information, but they will be replaced with the new material as soon as possible. There are no streaming videos or books on the new BAT 2.0. We will have new streaming videos on the new BAT in the next few months and an updated version of the BAT book in mid-2014. Check out our online resources.]




BAT Gear. Okay, we know you need the videos and books below, but by popular demand, we now also have T-shirts, hats, mugs, BACK UP dog shirts, and other BAT gear for you and your BATdog!

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Two Day Seminar DVD. 9.5 hour DVD filmed in Chicago in 2011. Best if you’re a dog trainer or behaviorist who wants to fully understand how to use BAT with your clients, or regular folks who want a more technical and in-depth look. (more)

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A Critical Look at 7 Different Methods for Fear-Based Aggression – Streaming Video. 52-minutes. This talk compares 7 different common methods for rehabilitating fear-based aggression from a humane training perspective, including force-free techniques and punishment methods from popular books and videos.  (more)


BAT 101: Rehabilitation and Prevention for Dog Aggression, Frustration, and Fear – Streaming Video. 98-minutes. This is an introductory seminar on how to help dogs with barking, growling, or other issues. It includes information on BAT as well as lifestyle changes to improve the quality of life with your dog (more)


Intro to BAT DVD. 1.5-hour seminar DVD filmed in Novato in 2010. Best if you’re a busy dog trainer or want a quick intro to BAT. (more)

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Organic Socialization: BAT for Aggression & Fear in Dogs. 3+ hours about BAT for reactive dogs. It’s a menu-driven DVD made for home viewers. Bonus disk with the demos from the DVD. Organic Socialization is the best choice if you’re not a professional trainer. (more)

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Give Your Puppy a Choice: Modern Socialization and Training. DVD made for puppy parents, but it’s also a great resource for people with newly adopted dogs and dog trainers teaching puppy kindergarten classes. Uses BAT, counterconditioning, and clicker training. (more)

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BAT book
Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Aggression, Frustration and Fear in Dogs. About 200 pages of text, illustrations, and photos. The book goes more deeply into theoretical discussions than the videos, and also gives loads of practical advice.(more)

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Ahimsa Manual
The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual: A Practical, Force-Free Guide to Problem Solving & Manners. Over 100 pages of text and photos. Practical exercises that start from a basic level and work up through advanced work on the most important behaviors for dogs to know. This quick manual is helpful for dog trainers to use with clients or new ideas for exercises and for breeders to share with new puppy parents..(more)

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