Intro to BAT 2.0 (Streaming)

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Video length: 1 hour and 57 minutes. Cost: $29
This is the latest BAT 2.0 information. It is from a webinar that was filmed on April 29, 2014.

Does your dog bark, growl, even bite dogs or other people? In this video, you will learn about BAT, a technique to teach your dog to be more comfortable. Depending on your experience with dogs and your dog’s level of aggression or fear, you might also want to hire a Certified BAT Instructor. This video will give you practical tips to keep your family and your dog safe. It will teach you enough about BAT to know whether you want to give it a try with your dog. More resources are provided at the end of the video and at

This introduction to BAT is meant for people who are having issues with their dogs. It may also be used by trainers who would like an introduction to Behavior Adjustment Training.