Organic Socialization Video (DVD)

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Organic Socialization DVD

[Note: This DVD is no longer available for sale. It still has useful information, but it will be replaced with the new material in summer 2014. Check out our online resources.]


Grisha Stewart created the Organic Socialization DVD with Tawzer Dog Videos especially for the home viewer, to give you beginning and intermediate trainers a solid understanding of this simple, dog-friendly technique for reactivity. This DVD is great for families who need help with their dogs as well as professional dog trainers. It has four hours of footage (3 hours plus a one-hour disk with all of the demos shown earlier).

On this DVD, you’ll get explanations of the theory, start-to-finish case studies, writing assignments, handouts, and live demos that clearly show you how to use BAT. There’s even info on how to use BAT to avoid fear and aggression over-reactivity by properly socializing puppies.

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Organic Socialization is Grisha’s second BAT DVD. Click play on the video clip below to see a sample from the BATting 1000 DVD.