Puppy Socialization DVD

Photo by Alyssa Rose Photography

Give Your Puppy a Choice: Modern Socialization and Training

There is so much that your puppy can and should learn in the first critical months that it can be overwhelming. Tawzer Dog and I have almost finished a made-for-home-viewers DVD on training and socialization for puppies. It demonstrates innovative, practical, dog-friendly socialization and training techniques to help your puppy grow into a reliable life-long companion.

Where to Buy

  • This title is out of print, and will be replace by “Problem Prevention” in summer 2014.

More Info

The “Give Your Puppy a Choice” video helps you know what to do with your new puppy, how to train the basics, and how to prevent common problems. It also gives other resources for puppy raising. The socialization section uses the force-free methods of BAT (Behavior Adjustment Training) and counterconditioning. It’s meant for new puppy owners but shares ideas with trainers who teach puppy classes, as well.

Give Your Puppy a Choice is Grisha’s fourth DVD.

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