YouTube BAT Videos

I’ve made a playlist of some of my favorite BAT videos. Some videos are my videos of Behavior Adjustment Training, some are excerpts from the DVDs, and others are videos of other trainers around the world using BAT with their clients. If you upload a video and want me to consider it for inclusion on this list, please let me know, using the contact form on this site. These videos are the tip of the iceberg, so if you really want to do BAT right with your clients or your own dog, consider buying the book and or DVDs.

How to view: Click on Playlist on the bottom right of the video to see more videos. Then hover over the little video screen shots with your mouse to see descriptions of other video clips. Click to view the one that you want. You can also subscribe to my Grisha Stewart YouTube channel by clicking on my name in the lower right of the video and selecting subscribe. Then YouTube will email you when I upload new videos.

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