Chat Groups

Have questions about BAT? We have two official discussion groups on Yahoo and one on Facebook. There are also some regional BAT groups on Facebook and Yahoo, which are listed in the second section below. The official groups are the best way to get questions answered about the theory of BAT and how BAT should be done in a particular situation.


  • FunctionalRewards Yahoo group: for all people using BAT. The Functional Rewards Yahoo group is a creative space for professional and hobby dog trainers. We discuss treatments for aggression, fear, and other dog behavior problems, using methods that involve real-life rewards (often ‘increased distance’ as the treat), including Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) alone or BAT combined with Control Unleashed, TTouch, etc.
  • Official Behavior Adjustment Training Facebook group: also for all people using BAT. It has the same purpose as the Yahoo group, but on Facebook.
  • ShelterBAT Yahoo group: just for shelter/rescue staff and volunteers around the world to network and discuss the best ways to use BAT to rehabilitate dogs in their care.
  • BAT-Related Research is a Facebook group for discussing research papers that investigate phenomena related to BAT.


The regional groups are unofficial and are usually focused on finding set-ups for your dog. We will be sorting these on the new site, but for now, they are here in no particular order, basically grouped by country. These groups are mostly for trainers, but many allow non-trainers to join, unless stated below. If you have a regional group that you would like listed, please contact us.


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